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Ceratarges armatus (GOLDFUSS)

Lauchschichten, Middle Devonian

Pruem, Eifel (Germany)

The new order of Lichida, in which the old order of Odontopleurida as the superfamily Odontopleuridea was enclosed, contains some groupes of trilobites that became famous because of their fine beauty. Among these there are such trilobites as the bottom dwelling Ceratarges armatus, who´s horned arming towards enemies persuades at once, really.

Many Odontopleuridea as the tiny Miraspis mira from the Czech, with its phantastic appendages floated planktonic passively across the calm sea, filtering smallest particles.

One of the most phantastic example of the Eifel is the relative large Leonaspis. There are known very few complete specimens. Leonaspis shows a lot of tubercules on its body. These tubercules have been the base of numerous small spines, that usually were not preserved and lost over the millions of years during the imbedding-process. In this special specimen here, one succeeded to prepare and save one of these spines.

Acanthalomina minuta

Ceratarges armatus 1

Ceratarges armatus 2

Ceratarges armatus 3

Leonaspis elliptica 1

Leonaspis elliptica 2

Radiaspis radiata

Radiaspis sp.

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