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Geesops sparsinodosus gallicus (STRUVE)

Assise de Bure, Lower Middeldevon

Vireux-Molhain, France

Width of the cephalon about 1.7 cm

The phacopid trilobites with their remarkable eyes are some of the most interessting trilobites because of their extraordinary visual system. There exist ideas that they lived as bottom dwellers - skipping like many small crustaceans today over the sea-ground or burrowing in the mud to search for something to eat.

Asteropyge punctata

Asteropyge stellifer

Asteropyge sp. + Phacops (Geesops) schlotheimi

Calymene niagarensis

Geesops sparsinodosus gallicus

Pedinopariops aff. sobolewi

Pedinopariops brongniarti

Pedinopariops richterianus

Pedinopariops sublevatus

Phacops imitator

Phacops latifrons

Phacops sp.

Walliserops trifurcatus

Asaphida Harpina Illaenina Lichida Phacopina Proetina
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