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Phacops (Geesops) schlotheimi (BRONN)

Ahrdorfschichten, Lower Middle Devonian

Gees, Eifel (Germany)

Width of the cephalon about 1 cm

Welcome to Trilotarium!

The Trilotarium is a small virtual museum showing trilobites. The priority is set on the trilobites of the Middle Devonian of the location Eifel/Germany but there can be admired also forms from all corners of the world.

Come in and enjoy to amble along our Trilotarium, marvel and look around or, if you like, inform yourself.

The Trilotarium is not ready yet, but if you will join us next time, maybe, our virtual museum will be grown a little bit in the meantime.

Here are the first trilobites, specimens out of the groups of








Concerning the used taxonomy should be mentioned that the old one is used intentionally because it is still widly spread, popular and generally understood. The new one will be found in brackets. We shall actualize this next times. You may also excuse all the mistakes in our english translations (sorry, but we do our very best). Even if they are not perfect they should sufficient to introduce our friends to you.

Besides this the name of some of our trilobites remained still a mystery to us. But if you were familiar with the missing name, please let us know. Give us the number of the specimen and send us a mail, as well, as if you want to send us some other note. Up to then!

Asaphida Harpina Illaenina Lichida Phacopina Proetina
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