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Cornuproetus (Cornuproetus) cornutus (GOLDFUSS)

Ahrdorfschichten, Lower Middle Devonian

Gees, Eifel (Germany)

Width of the cephalon about 1.0 cm

The Proetina (HAHN & HAHN) most times are relative small and compact trilobites. Not only among the order Ptychopariida, but also among all other trilobites they are the most long-lasting suborder.

The are to be found since the Upper Cambrian and died out at the transition to the Carboniferous in Upper Devonian. Their main period was the Devonian.

Cornuproetus (Diademaproetus) cf. holzapfeli

Cornuproetus (Diademaproetus) menzeni

Cornuproetus (Cornuproetus) cornutus 2

Cornuproetus sp.

Dechenella sp.

Gerastos granulosus

Gerastos prox

Otarion (Cyphaspis) balanops

Otarion (Cyphaspis) ceratophthalmum 1

Otarion (Cyphaspis) ceratophthalmum 2

Otarion (Cyphaspis) ranunculum

Otarion (Cyphaspis) unguloides

Otarion sp. 1 (Eifel)

Otarion sp. 2 (Vireux)

Otarion sp. 3 (Vireux)

Otarion (Cyphaspis) balanops + Phacops (Geesops) schlotheimi

Proetus (Gerastos) cuvieri

Proetus (Gerastos) granulosus

Asaphida Harpina Illaenina Lichida Phacopina Proetina
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