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Parahomalonotus mutabilis (Koch)

Emsium, Lower Devonian

Daleiden, Eifel (Germany)

Width of the cephalon about 2.0 cm

The Illaenina, suborder of the order Ptychopariida, are characterized by a shell without any tuberculae ornamentation. Usually the shield of the tail (Pygidium) is nearly or of the same size as the head, in between lie 8 to 10 thoracic segments.

Representatives that can be found in the Eifel are for example the flat Scutellum, living in the free waters of the open sea or the nice clumsy Homalonotus, which was a bottom dweller.

Nileus sp. 1

Nileus sp. 2

Parahomalonotus mutabilis (KOCH)

Scabriscutellum furciferum (HAWLE & CORDA)

Scabriscutellum scabrum (GOLDFUSS)

Scutellum flabelliferum (GOLDFUSS)

Asaphida Harpina Illaenina Lichida Phacopina Proetina
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