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Otarion (Cyphaspis) ceratophthalmum (GOLDFUSS)

Ahrdorfschichten, Lower Middle Devonian

Gees, Eifel (Germany)

Width of the cephalon about 1.1 cm

0011 0012
One of the most beautyful spiny trilobites of the Eifel is Otarion. Several species are known. Spined trilobites are to be found in several systematical groupes, as in Lichida, Odontopleurida, or as Otarion here, in Proetida.

With certainity Otarion was a trilobite gliding over the ground searching there for its food. In danger Otarion was able to enroll as the drawing shows, while the spines became an effective armament.

another specimen
(same data as above)
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Otarion ceratophthalmum 2
Asaphida Harpina Illaenina Lichida Phacopina Proetina
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